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The Jason Lang Scholarship in Canada is a prestigious scholarship awarded to high school students who demonstrate exemplary academic achievement and leadership potential. Established by the federal government in 2006, it is one of the country’s most sought-after awards for graduating students.

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The scholarship provides financial assistance for postsecondary education and offers an invaluable opportunity to participate in an innovative program that encourages academic excellence and mentorship. It also allows recipients to develop their career paths while receiving guidance from renowned leaders in their respective fields.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • The Jason Lang Scholarship is available to high school seniors and current college students who meet the requirements. Established in 2021 by the Lang family, this award provides financial assistance to students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership skills.
  • The applicant must be a protected person, a citizen of Canada, or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You must have lived in Alberta for an entire year before beginning your postsecondary studies, as must your parent or partner.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale based on an 80% total course load.
  • An undergraduate program in Alberta must be in its second or subsequent year at a publicly financed postsecondary school.
  • You are not eligible to receive a scholarship from the Louise McKinney program.
  • A one-year certificate program is not permitted.
  • A maximum of three Jason Lang Scholarships can be awarded to a candidate.
  • For protected people, like convention refugees, a copy of the notice of the decision or the Verification of Status document (VOS) is needed.
  • An Alberta Student Number (ASN) and a Social Insurance Number (SIN) are typically required.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify, candidates must:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident.
  • Graduated from an eligible postsecondary school in Alberta between September and April of the previous school year with a GPA of at least 3.2.
  • Depending on the program, I finished at least 24 units of course weight, or 80% of a full-normal course load, between September and April of the previous academic year.
  • Transfer students are encouraged to apply by the fall application deadline since they will be considered for the Jason Lang Scholarship by their present university.
  • McKinney Transfer students are not eligible for scholarships.
  • In the second or later year of an undergraduate degree program or any year of a professional or post-graduate program.
  • You must be enrolled full-time for at least one term of the upcoming academic year.
  • You must be an Alberta resident as defined by the Alberta Scholarship Act.
  • Before enrolling in a postsecondary institution, an individual must have resided continuously in Alberta for 12 consecutive months,
  • An individual whose parents or guardians have lived permanently in Canada for 12 months before beginning postsecondary studies in Alberta, or
  • A person was married to an Albertan citizen immediately before starting their postsecondary studies.

Financial Benefits:

The Jason Lang Scholarship is a sought-after and highly competitive academic award that offers recipients valuable financial benefits. Established in 2018, the scholarship supports students from all backgrounds pursuing postsecondary studies in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields. Through generous donations from donors such as the Jason Lang Foundation, this scholarship provides an opportunity for students to further their education without dealing with the burden of student debt.

This prestigious scholarship awards recipients up to $8500 per academic year, which can be used towards tuition fees and other educational expenses. Additionally, past recipients may be eligible to receive internship opportunities at leading companies in the STEM field. These internships provide invaluable experience that will lead to a successful career in the future.

How Many Times Can You Receive The Jason Lang Scholarship?

The Jason Lang Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students pursuing higher education. It provides financial assistance and helps reduce the burden of student loans and other expenses associated with college. The scholarship is offered once per year and can be applied for by current undergraduate or graduate students.

Students may apply for the Jason Lang Scholarship up to three times during their academic career; however, they can only receive it once per school year.


  • September 15 – For Fall Application.

Students Are Not Eligible For a Jason Lang Scholarship If They:

  • Have a one-year certificate program,
  • Avoid enrolling at a publicly supported postsecondary institution during the upcoming academic year’s fall or winter terms.
  • Are students who have received Louise McKinney Scholarships for the same academic year
  • I have obtained the most Jason Lang scholarships possible in one lifetime.
  • The Jason Lang and Louise McKinney Scholarships are open to applicants. However, only one will be chosen to receive a nomination.

How To Apply For The Jason Lang Scholarship?

  • Download the application form from the website using the link below.
  • The form must be printed out because you will submit it by hand.
  • Please provide your name, nationality, and place of residence.
  • Put in your postsecondary institution’s enrollment data.
  • After entering the data for your previous academic year, sign in to the space provided.
  • You should always check your application to make sure the data you entered is valid; if you make a mistake, you can easily print a new one.
  • To apply, please send your completed application to the student awards office at your school.

Selection Process:

The Student Awards Office at the postsecondary institution in Alberta where the student is currently enrolled makes nominations for those who match the eligibility requirements. If a student has transferred from another publicly financed postsecondary institution, the present institution will confirm the eligibility requirements from the prior year.

We encourage you to visit the websites of Alberta’s public universities and colleges to learn more about the numerous other scholarships and awards provided by other organizations.


Candidates receive scholarship checks in the mail in December. The responsibility for ensuring that Alberta Student Aid has the correct postal address on file rests with the students (toll-free contact: 1-855-606-2096).


The last date to apply for the Jason Lang Scholarship is September 15.

Final Thoughts:

The Jason Lang Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for ambitious and hardworking students. It offers financial support to help with tuition, books, and other college-related expenses. The scholarship also provides recipients with invaluable experience, encouraging them to pursue their educational goals and set their sights even higher. Those awarded the scholarship should be proud of their accomplishments and use it as a chance to jumpstart their future success.

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