Job for Staff Recruitment Apps in 2022

Job for Staff Recruitment Apps in 2022

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Staff Recruitment Apps

Ensure a smooth and seamless recruitment and onboarding process with Nutshell’s mobile recruitment apps. They’re all ready-built, 100% customisable to your workflow and come free with a Nutshell subscription…

Staff Recruitment apps

Nutshell comes with a growing library of industry-standard forms and workflows used by Recruitment professionals across several industries and sectors. All of these templates are ready-made and 100% customisable to your business. What’s more, if you can’t find the form you need in our library, we’ll build it for you for free.

Recruitment Offer/Acceptance

Industry standard HR recruitment app

Employee Onboarding

Industry standard onboarding app

Employee Handbook

Industry standard handbook app

How does it work?

Nutshell is the fastest and easiest way to put digital versions of your most critical Recruitment procedures in the hands of your distributed workforce, without having to change the way they work.

From mobile-optimised equivalents of their most trusted forms, to fully-automated workflows that ensure procedures are followed to the letter, Nutshell makes water-tight compliance a walk in the park.

Pay one all-inclusive price for as many forms, workflows and apps as you need, 100% customisable to fit the way your business already works.


Don’t take our word for it

Nutshell’s suite of HR forms and workflows are 100% customisable and are trusted by some of the biggest names in the UK. Just read some of our case studies…


OnTrac Human Resources

Find out how Nutshell helped a rail technology specialist digitise all its paper HR processes with mobile apps that integrate with their HRIS…

Northumbria Police

Find out how Nutshell helped North Umbria Police slash the number of wasted 101 calls, whilst saving more than £27,000 in app development costs…

NHS | British Youth Council

Find out how Nutshell helped the British Youth Council team deliver a twelve-week multi-platform mobile development project in a single day…

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