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Non-European students who aspire to study abroad often face financial hurdles due to high tuition fees and living expenses. However, many universities across Non-European Students Scholarships specifically for international students to help ease the costs associated with studying in a foreign country. These scholarships aim to support exceptional students who do not have the means to finance their education.

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Institutions such as Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, and The Fulbright Program offer attractive scholarships that cover tuition fees, travel expenses, and accommodation costs and sometimes even provide a monthly stipend for living expenses. Additionally, several private organizations offer merit-based scholarships to non-European students based on academic excellence.

As many have strict application deadlines, prospective international students must research and apply for these scholarship opportunities well before their desired start date.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships: 

 Leiden University is a world-renowned institution that attracts students from all over the globe. The university has introduced a range of excellent scholarships to attract talented and ambitious students outside of Europe. These scholarships aim to provide financial support for non-European students who wish to pursue their academic dreams at Leiden University.

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LExS) is one such scholarship that aims to assist exceptional non-EU/EEA students. The scholarship covers up to 50% of the tuition or full tuition minus the statutory tuition fee. Moreover, it also provides an allowance of €10,000 for living expenses throughout their studies in Leiden, Netherlands.

In addition to LExS, other scholarships are available, such as Holland Scholarships and Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme, which the Dutch government and private organizations offer.

University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships:

 The University of Maastricht offers High Potential Scholarships for Non-European students who have shown exceptional academic excellence. The scholarship program aims to attract top talent worldwide and allow them to study in one of Europe’s leading universities.

The scholarships are available for various undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the university, including business, economics, law, arts and social sciences. The award covers tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance and visa costs. This makes it easier for non-European students to pursue their studies at the university without worrying about financial constraints.

The application process for these scholarships is highly competitive and requires candidates to demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and a strong commitment towards their chosen field of study. Successful applicants will receive financial support and access to a diverse community of scholars worldwide.

Radboud University Scholarships:

Radboud University is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, located in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The university offers scholarships for non-European students who wish to pursue their academic dreams. This scholarship program is designed to support international students with outstanding academic achievements and great leadership potential.

The Radboud University Scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses, making it easier for students to focus on their studies rather than worrying about their finances. In addition, recipients of this scholarship are also allowed to participate in various extracurricular activities such as internships, seminars and workshops that help them develop essential leadership skills.

To be eligible for the Radboud University Scholarship program, non-European students must have at least a 3.0 GPA or equivalent and demonstrate financial need. They must also meet all other admission requirements set by the university.

Lund University Scholarships:

Lund University, one of Sweden’s oldest and most prestigious universities, offers scholarships for non-European students who wish to study there. The scholarships are open to students from all over the world, except those from European countries. The scholarship program is designed to help international students finance their studies in Sweden.

The Lund University scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded based on academic merit and financial need. Applicants must have excellent grades and demonstrate a strong commitment to their field. In addition, they must be able to show that they require financial assistance to attend the university.

The scholarship covers up to 100% of tuition fees, depending on how much funding you’ll receive. It also includes a monthly allowance for living expenses such as accommodation, food, and transportation.

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships:

 The Chalmers University of Technology is a well-known institution in Sweden that provides top-notch education to students worldwide. The university offers various programs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, including engineering, technology, and natural sciences. Chalmers has introduced the International Programme Office for Education and Training (IPOET) scholarship to promote diversity in their student community.

The IPOET scholarship is open to non-European students pursuing a master’s degree at the Chalmers University of Technology. The scholarship covers 75% of tuition fees and living expenses for up to two years. This opportunity is a great chance for ambitious international students who want to study at one of the best universities in Europe without worrying about financial constraints.

Uppsala University Global Scholarships:

 Uppsala University, located in Sweden, has recently announced the availability of Global Scholarships for students not from Europe. This is an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to study and earn a degree from a highly reputable university. The scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to non-European students accepted into one of Uppsala University’s many programs.

The scholarships offered by Uppsala University include both full and partial funding options. Full scholarships cover tuition and living expenses, while partial scholarships only assist with tuition fees. These highly competitive scholarships require applicants to have excellent academic records and proficiency in English language skills.

Uppsala University prides itself on its diverse student body and encourages international students to apply for their programs. The university offers a range of courses across various faculties, including medicine, law, engineering, social sciences, and humanities, among others.

Eligibility Criteria

 The students who want to apply to different universities for their Undergraduates program have to follow the following criteria:

  • The students must have a higher school degree when they apply for the undergraduate degree program.
  • Students must have completed their master’s degree when they apply for postgraduate education from a recognized institute.
  • Take admission to any of the degree programs in the university.
  • Students from all over the world can apply for a scholarship.
  • Must have an IELTS test
  • Excellent academic background

Financial Benefits for Non-European Students Scholarships:

  1. Partial tuition fee
  2. Travelling allowance
  3. Accommodation allowance
  4. You can study at one of the best universities in the world.
  5. You will get more career opportunities when you are in a city
  6. Medical insurance
  7. Relocation support
  8. Visa allowance
  9. Meal and food allowance
  10. Research funds and thesis fee
  11. Best teaching faculty
  12. Thesis fee
  13. Research work allowance]

 Documents for Non-European Students Scholarships:

  • Passport
  • Academic transcripts
  • CV
  • Recent photographs
  • GMAT score report
  • Acceptance letter
  • Offer letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • English language proof test
  • Health certificate
  • Required Documents

Final Thoughts:

Non-European Students Scholarships can open up many opportunities for those needing financial aid. With a multitude of different scholarships available, there is something for everyone to take advantage of. These scholarships enable academically qualified students worldwide to access higher education and the tools needed to succeed. Furthermore, such scholarships also allow students to experience new cultures and develop intercultural skills, making them better global citizens.

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