Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023| For Pakistani Students

The Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship is a remarkable initiative that aims to support and encourage the educational pursuits of deserving students in Punjab.. Established with the noble objective of providing financial assistance to bright and talented individuals, this scholarship program has become a beacon of hope for countless students who dream of acquiring higher education but lack the necessary resources.

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Students can pursue their academic goals without financial constraints through the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship. This program covers various disciplines, ensuring that individuals from various fields can benefit from its offerings. From engineering and medicine to humanities and social sciences, the scholarship caters to diverse areas of study, thereby promoting intellectual growth and professional development across different sectors.

In addition to alleviating financial pressures, the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship also recognizes and rewards academic excellence.

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Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023 Details:

  • Type: Local
  • Category: Need-Based
  • Area: Punjab
  • Levels: Matric, Inter, Bachelor, MS/MPhil
  • Fields: All Fields

Categories that are eligible to apply:

  • In-Service
  • Retired
  • Disable
  • In the Case of Death

 Benefits of Scholarships:

 The Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship offers a range of benefits to students in Punjab, Pakistan. Established to provide financial assistance to students from low-income backgrounds, this scholarship program has proven to be a game-changer for many aspiring scholars. Firstly, it ensures deserving students can access quality education by covering their tuition fees and related expenses. This relieves the financial burden on families and enables talented individuals to pursue higher education without any hindrances.

Moreover, the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship promotes equal opportunities by offering scholarships at various educational levels. This program caters to various academic needs from primary school to postgraduate studies. Whether funding textbooks and stationery or support for research projects and thesis writing, the scholarship provides comprehensive aid that empowers students throughout their educational journey.

Documents Checklist for Scholarship 2023:

  • CNIC or B-form of the student – Copy CNIC of the Copy (Father and Mother) *[In the event of death, a copy of the guardian’s CNIC]* Attested Salary Slip CopyIn-Service personnel / Retired employees (Female or Male) can utilize an attested copy of the pension book (PPO) (Latest Pay Slip of the Year 2023)
  • Copy of Student’s Result Card from Board/University for the Year 2023 (with at least 60% or higher marks *Proof) (*Students are disqualified if any subject is failed or missing) and Copy of downloaded result card from the internet will not be accepted.
  • In the case of a Monthly Grant, provide the Ledger No. And a copy of the Sanction Letter on the application form.
  • For students/children enrolled in Private Educational Institutions, a certificate of Board/University recognition and Registration No for 2023.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students who want to apply for the scholarship must meet the following qualifying requirements:

  • Pakistani students can apply.
  • Students must have earned at least 60% in their previous degree programme.
  • Currently, students are enrolled in any of the institutions.
  • Two of the family’s children are eligible to apply.
  • They can apply for three children if any of the children are physically retarded.
  • If a family member who works for the government has died or is disabled, three children are also eligible to apply. Children who do not have family support can apply for both Middle and Matric scholarships.

How To Apply For Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023:

 The students who want to apply for the scholarship have to follow the criteria as mentioned: First, check the other details:

  • First, you must obtain the benevolent fund scholarship application form from any nearby bookstore.
  • Fill out the application form completely with all of the information requested.
  • The document must then be attached.
  • A list of documents can be found at the end of the application form.
  • A Gazetted Officer must attest all documents in your area.
  • The paper must then be attested to the city’s DC.
  • Now that your application is ready, you must send it to the specified address.
  • To learn more about the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023, see the link below:

Apply Here

The Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship has provided financial assistance to deserving students in Punjab. The scholarship program has not only helped alleviate the burden of educational expenses but has also empowered students to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

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