Seoul National University Scholarship 2025 | Applications Online

The Seoul National University Scholarship is among the most prestigious awards a Korean student can receive. The scholarship covers tuition, room and board, and other expenses for up to two years at the University of your Choice in Korea.

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To be eligible for the Seoul National University Scholarship, you must have achieved outstanding academic results in your previous theoretical studies. You must also have an excellent record of community service and leadership activities.

If you are a Korean citizen who has completed high school or obtained a GED certificate, you can apply for the Seoul National University Scholarship. American students who have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited U.S. college or university may also be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

 About Seoul National University:

 The meaning and tradition of Seoul National University are deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of the university’s alums. Established in 1946, Seoul National University is one of the oldest universities in South Korea and has a long history of educating leaders for the nation. The university’s unique character derives from its liberal arts education, rigorous academic standards, international orientation, and emphasis on hands-on learning experiences. Seoul National University has produced famous alums such as President Park Chung Hee, Admiral Yoon Doo-sung, and Supreme Court Justice Ahn Sang-soo.

Today, Seoul National University continues to be a leading institution of higher education in South Korea, with over 30,000 students from all over the country enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs. The diverse student body reflects the vibrancy and dynamism of contemporary South Korea.

Seoul National University Scholarship 2025 Details:

  • Country: South Korea
  • University: Seoul National University
  • Academic Levels: Bachelors, Masters, MPhil, Ph.D. and M.S. leading Ph.D. programs
  • Application Mode: Online
  • Eligible Countries: All

Scholarship Benefits:

According to the university scholarship, all applicants for admission to the University of Seoul will be eligible for many incentives. The university must have accepted the candidate to take advantage of the opportunity. The following are a few advantages that students can enjoy: 

  • Living costs
  • Tuition fee exemption
  • Several scholarships cover the cost of round-trip air travel.
  • Korean language course fees are covered by health insurance
  • And a lot more.

Scholarship Coverage:

The chosen students receive a variety of awards from the scholarships. The following are some of the scholarships and their prizes:

  • Graduate Scholarship for Outstanding Foreign Students (GSFS) – Up to 500,000 KRW per month for living expenses (various rendering to the majors of the Grant owner).
  • The Silk Road Scholarship covers living expenses up to 600,000 KRW monthly for four semesters.
  • Overseas Koreans Scholarship: Students who meet all the scholarship program requirements are exempt from paying the tuition. Scholarship recipients are given a monthly living allowance of up to 900,000 KRW for up to four semesters.
  • The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP/GKS) provides monthly living expenses of 900,000 KRW and other aid like return expenses, research reserves, and health insurance.

Available Academic Fields:

 Every Field is available for the Seoul Master Degree Scholarship, Ph.D. Degree Scholarship MPhil Scholarship & Master Leading to Ph.D.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (All Fields)
  • Natural Sciences (All Fields)
  • Engineering (All Fields)
  • Medical Sciences (All Fields)
  • The Arts (All Fields)

Eligibility Criteria:

The following qualifying requirements must be met by candidates to be considered for the Seoul University Scholarship 2025–2026 in South Korea:

  • All domestic and international students are eligible to apply for the scholarships.
  • The university accepts applications from all international students.
  • Everyone with a bachelor’s degree is qualified to apply for a scholarship.
  • To take advantage of the opportunity, the applicant must be accepted into the master’s program.
  • For admission to the university, the applicant must pass an English language competence test.

Required Documents:

The applicant must have the following documents when filling out the application form for admission to the university.

  • Study plan
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of Recommendation from Two Different referees
  • Bachelor’s degree certificates
  • Master’s degree certificates
  • Academic transcripts
  • Passport
  • Other documents stating your nationality

Some of the extra documents will be asked for by the administration.

How to Apply for SNU Scholarship 2025?

The following actions must be taken by applicants who want to apply for university scholarships:

  • The applicant must apply to the Seoul University Scholarships 2025–26 official website in South Korea.
  • After viewing the website, the applicant must register for an account. Then, complete the application form.
  • Enter all the information prompted by the program.
  • Provide all required documentation for the scholarship.
  • This is a list of the university’s official website and application form.

 SNU Scholarships Official Link

Final Thoughts:

The Seoul National University scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in studying in South Korea. This scholarship provides excellent financial aid and can cover tuition, housing, and other expenses. Students interested in applying should visit the website to learn more and apply online.