University Of Helsinki Scholarship 2022 | Finland

Looking to find a scholarship in Finland? Then, this is just the right place for you. The University of Helsinki Scholarship has opened applications for 2022.

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Eligibility is extended to all nationality students. The program however is only for Masters candidates as it is a Masters level degree program. The program has a duration of two (2) years, and is fully funded thus covering all tuition fee costs for all the University of Helsinki Scholarship departments.

There is also no application fee whatsoever, so you can easily apply and hope for the best. The University of Helsinki falls in the top 100 most prestigious universities of the world and is one of the world’s largest research institutions. Finland researchers can carry their work along with their study due to these amazing facilities. Any student from any country in the world who wants to study in Finland and can’t afford to do so may apply for the scholarship, which will cover his or her tuition fee, public transport, and meal discounts, along with providing him many other benefits.

Situated in Helsinki, Finland, the University of Helsinki is a renowned public research university, and is Finland’s oldest and largest university offering the most variety of disciplines and academic fields. The University was established in the year 1640, and also offers Bachelors and doctoral Ph.D. levels along with the scholarship funded Masters level.

Finland has a total of 45 universities, with 22 among these having applied sciences programs covering the entire spectrum and leaving no field to be desired. At Finland’s higher education institutions, over 400 disciplines are offered and over 220 K international students study in Finland’s universities. You are highly encouraged to apply for the University of Helsinki Scholarship 2022.

University Of Helsinki Scholarship 2022 | Finland | Details

  • Country of Scholarship: Finland
  • University Name: Helsinki University
  • Available Degrees: Master’s programs
  • Eligible Countries to Apply: All Countries
  • Deadline to Apply: 4th November 2022

Scholarship Financial Benefits

  • Fully funded scholarship so all tuition fee is covered in the scholarship award ( plus 10 000 EUR)
  • Health care services will be made for the most part free, and where not free, it will be highly affordable for the student
  • Unicafe restaurants will offer great meal discounts for scholarship students
  • Public transport fees and cost will also be more affordable
  • Unisport services will be available to the student at low price

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Students from any country, nationality, ethnicity, or background are eligible to apply for the University of Helsinki scholarship
  • Since it is a Masters degree scholarship program, the applicant must of course have a bachelors degree in order for him or her to be eligible to apply
  • For applying for the scholarship, the exact same application may be made use of which is used for applying at the time of admission, as no separate application form is required
  • There is also no need whatsoever to contact any instructor or anyone else at all
  • On being accepted, the allotted stipend amount is automatically paid to the student.

Required Documents

  • Final transcript of bachelors degree
  • CV / Resume
  • Personal statement consisting of 300 – 350 words.
  • Passport (Scanned pdf)

Deadline to Apply

The deadline for applying for the University of Helsinki Scholarship 2022 is 4th November 2022. 

How to Apply?

The application process for the University of Helsinki Scholarship is entirely online

  • The first thing you need to do is decide your desired Masters program at Degree Finder.
  • Next you need to carefully go through all the official instructions and prepare the required documents as mentioned above
  • For applying for scholarship, use same application form which is used by students normally to apply for a Masters program.
  • After filling out the form, you may submit the application and hope for the results in your favor!

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