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The Arkansas Lottery Scholarship is a unique program that provides Arkansas students with the opportunity to receive financial assistance for postsecondary education. Since it was established in 2009, this scholarship program has supported thousands of deserving students across the state as they pursue their educational goals. Each year, nearly 15,000 students benefit from more than $64 million in scholarships awarded through the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship Program.

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Funded by net proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets in the state, this scholarship enables eligible individuals to pay for tuition and other required fees associated with attending an approved institution of higher learning located within or outside the borders of Arkansas. Students must meet specific criteria to qualify for a scholarship award; these may include requirements such as GPA minimums and residence status within Arkansas. In addition, applicants must be enrolled in an eligible postsecondary education program that leads to a degree or certificate.

Arkansas Lottery Scholarship Types:

  • Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship:

The Arkansas Academic Challenge Program provides financial aid for Arkansans seeking higher education. (800) 54-STUDY

  • Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship:

Arkansas citizens who apply for credentials in in-demand professions can get financial aid through the Arkansas Workforce Challenge Award. A list of these jobs may be seen below. The deadline for submitting a request to enroll in an approved program is at least 30 working days in advance for students. Each program can only get up to $800 in awards. Students who have already been awarded the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship are not eligible for it again. Call the Arkansas Department of Higher Education at (501) 371-2000 for further details. Alternatively, apply to

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Eligibility:

We want to turn it into a category from a broad word. College students and non-traditional students are also eligible.

Eligibilities for Colleges:

A candidate must generally live in the United States, particularly in Arkansas. Scholarships are also offered to other groups that meet the requirements.

College Eligibility Requirements

  • You must fulfill many requirements to continue earning a scholarship from the Scholarship Lottery for the second, third, and fourth years of your education.
  • First-year and second-year students must pass 27 and 30 semester hours, respectively. You can still be awarded a scholarship even if you only attend classes part-time, although your premium will be lower.
  • You must also maintain a 2.5 grade point average throughout your studies to qualify for an Arkansas Lottery scholarship.
  • You must continuously be enrolled in school. Your scholarship will be terminated unless you enroll in a semester. This is limited to two semesters.
  • Scholarships may be renewed after 130 semester hours if all requirements are met.

Eligibilities for High School:

  • Students who plan to enroll in college following high school graduation and have an ACT score of 19 or above may be eligible for an Arkansas Academic Challenge award.
  • Additionally, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery program accepts ACT equivalents. The SAT’s verbal and math portions accept 900 points, which may be obtained with a score of 40 ASSET, 64 COMPASS, or 79 ACCUPLACER.

Eligibilities for Non-Traditional Students:

  • The term “non-traditional” refers to pupils who do not enroll in college immediately following high school. For instance, you are seen as a non-traditional student if you graduated years ago without going to college.
  • In this situation, you must have an ACT score of 19 or above, a 2.5 GPA after 12 hours of college coursework, or a 2.5 GPA for an Arkansas high school.

How does Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Work?

Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Cash 3, Cash 4, Instant Games (Scratchoffs), and Mega Millions are just a few games available through the Scholarship Lottery.

When a college student buys lottery tickets, a significant portion goes directly to the Arkansas Challenge Scholarships. The Scholarship Lottery winners and ticket resellers will each receive a portion of the proceeds. The target is the Arkansas Academic Challenge. Millions of dollars can be awarded in college scholarships.

Available Study Level/Field:

Students seeking college degrees can apply for scholarships from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. You may apply for the scholarship at the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

Only students from the United States may apply for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. The promotion and management of the lottery program in Arkansas are under the direction of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. All elements of the lottery program are under the purview of this department. Any information that suggests it has altered its operations should not be believed. A candidate for citizenship

You must intend to attend college in Arkansas and have lived there for at least a year. You could qualify for an Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship. Arkansas’s scholarship lottery.

How to Apply for Arkansas Lottery Scholarship?

On the Department of Higher Education website,, fill out the Arkansas Universal Scholarship Application or get the Universal app for free. Visit the Universal website to apply for financial help via state and lottery funding.

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Final Thoughts:

The Arkansas Lottery Scholarship offers an excellent opportunity for eligible students to pursue their educational aspirations. It covers tuition and fees for Arkansas residents attending public universities, allowing recipients to focus on their studies rather than worry about the financial burden. This scholarship also helps to increase college enrollment and reduce student loan debt, providing a more secure future for current and prospective students across the state. The AR Lottery Scholarship is an invaluable asset that should be taken advantage of whenever possible.

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