SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023 in Germany | Fully Funded

The SBW Berlin Scholarship is an exciting opportunity for international students from any country in the world to further their education in Germany. This Scholarship, established by the Berlin-based Studentenwerk Berlin (SBW) organization, aims to provide financial support and access to educational resources for those interested in studying abroad.

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 The SBW Berlin Scholarship offers up to €600 per month for a maximum of nine months for eligible applicants who demonstrate strong academic performance and are financially disadvantaged. Scholars will receive additional benefits such as free access to language courses, workshops, conferences, and other activities organized by SBW.

 In addition to this financial assistance, the Scholarship also outlines how international students can best prepare themselves culturally and linguistically before coming to study in Germany.

 SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023 Details:

  • Country: Germany
  • University: Potsdam universities
  • Sponsored by: SBW Berlin
  • Degrees: Bachelor, Master

 Scholarship Duration

  • For Bachelor: 4 years
  • For Master: 2 years

 Scholarship Benefits:

 The SBW Berlin Scholarship, which has total funding, pays for all essential living expenses. So, take advantage of this chance and apply for the Scholarship in Germany. Below are all of the benefits and financial coverage specifics.

  • The tuition charge
  • Accommodation
  • The living allowance
  • Travel reimbursement for your flights to Berlin before the commencement of your studies and for your flights back home once you’ve finished your studies

Eligible countries and groups

Can apply for the SBW Berlin scholarships: 

  • Eastern European, African, Asian, and South American foreign immigrants.
  • Stray foreigners.
  • Regarded as refugees.
  • Owners of a business license.
  • A long-term EU residency permit holder.
  • Students from EU and EEA nations worked in Germany before continuing their education in a job connected to their studies.
  • Students from EU / EEA nations who possess a legal right to permanent residency as specified by the EU Freedom of Movement Act.

 SBW Berlin Scholarship Requirements:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proof of a low net income.
  • CV letter of inspiration and a copy of your most recent transcript
  • Earlier transcript
  • Acceptance into the university you want to attend (should be in Berlin or Potsdam)
  • Trophies for accomplishments

 Eligibility Criteria

 Here is the list of eligibility criteria for the SBW Berlin Scholarship

  • Ranging from 18 to 30 years old.
  • The average scores are equivalent to a weighted German average of at least 2.0.
  • Able to substantiate that their time in Germany was 18 months before the application.
  • No one living permanently in Germany who is a first-degree relative.
  • After graduating, they intend to spend at least 18 months working there.
  • Volunteer or professional experience in the nonprofit sector
  • Able to substantiate a little net income.

 Scholarship Termination 

  • The scholarship will be revoked if the chosen student skips or fails three tests.
  • After graduating, the student must provide copies of all diplomas and documents obtained while studying in Germany to SBW Berlin.

Other Details:

  • The scholarship will offer aid for up to 48 months, depending on the discipline and length.
  • Three missed or failed tests will result in the Scholarship being revoked for the recipient.
  • The Scholarship may also be terminated if the nonprofit project’s objectives still need to be met.
  • After graduating, the student is required to report to SBW Berlin immediately and turn in copies of the diplomas and documents they earned while studying in Germany.

 How to Apply!

(1) Complete the application.

 (2) Include your photo and personal and contact details.

 (3) Describe your past and present academic background.

 (4) Specify the following information:

  • Your household members and parents.
  • Latest diploma from a university or school
  • Highest certificate from a school
  • Highest level of university graduation
  • Current employment and ideal career
  • Training, if requests are made for vocational training
  • Experience from internships and the workplace
  • Your interests, pastimes, and skills
  • Travel experience overseas
  • Having volunteered before

 Application Procedure

 Email your application to with any certifications and supporting documents in PDF format, in German or English. Please submit an English or German translation of any documents issued in a different language.

 For the application, exact copies and translations are adequate.

 Please attach the following files to your email:

  • A request form.
  • Request letter (one or two pages).
  • The curriculum vitae.
  • A copy of the last diploma from high school or college, which includes a summary of the grades and the grade point average.
  • A copy of your most recent academic diploma (high school diploma or university certificate).
  • Details on home income.

 Eligible Countries 

Afghan, Albanian, Algerian, Anguillan, Angolan, Antiguan and Barbudan, Argentine, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bahraini, Bangladeshi, Barbadian, Belarusian, Belizean, Beninese, Bermudian, Bhutanese, Bolivian, Bosnian and Herzegovinian, Motswana, Brazilian, , Bulgarian, Burkinabe, Burundi, Cambodian, Cameroonian, Cape Verdean, Central African, Chadian, Chilean, Colombian, Comoran, Congolese,

Congolese, Cook Islander, Costa Rican, Ivorian, Croatian, Cuban, Cypriot, Djiboutian, Dominican, Dominican, Ecuadorian, Egyptian, Salvadoran, Equatorial Guinean, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Fijian, Gabonese, Gambian, Ghanaian, Grenadian, Guadeloupe, Guamanian, Guatemalan, Guinean, Guinean, Guyanese, Haitian, Honduran, Icelandic, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Iraqi, Israeli, Jamaican, Jordanian, Kazakhstani, Kenyan, I-Kiribati, Korean, Kuwaiti, Kyrgyzstani, Lao, Lebanese, Basotho, Liberian, Chinese, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malawian, Malaysian, Malian, Marshallese, Martiniquais, Mauritanian, Mauritian,

Mexican, Micronesian, Mongolian, , Montserratian, Moroccan, Mozambican, , Namibian, Nauruan, Nepalese, New Caledonian, Nicaraguan, Nigerien, Nigerian, Niuean, Omani, Pakistani, Palauan, Panamanian, Papua New Guinean, Paraguayan, Peruvian, Philippine, Puerto Rican, Qatari, Reunionese, Romanian, Rwandan, Kittitian and Nevisian, Saint Lucian, Saint Vincentian, Samoan, Sammarinese,

Sao Tomean, Saudi Arabian, Senegalese, Seychellois, Sierra Leonean, Solomon Islander, Somali, South African, Sri Lankan, Sudanese, Surinamese, Swazi, Syrian,South Sudanese and Kosovo,Taiwanese, Tajikistani, Tanzanian, Thai, Togolese, Trinidadian and Tobagonian, Tunisian, Turkish, Turkmen, Tuvaluan, Ugandan, Ukrainian, Emirati, Uruguayan, Uzbekistani, Ni-Vanuatu, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, Yemeni, Zimbabwean, Zambian.

 Final Thoughts:

 The SBW Berlin Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their dreams in the arts and culture realm. It provides financial support to make their dream a reality and access to prestigious institutions and organizations. The Scholarship also acts as a platform for them to gain valuable experiences that will enhance their knowledge and skills. Dedicated and passionate about art and culture should take advantage of this incredible opportunity. It is a fantastic chance to prove their potential while exploring the cultural capital of Europe.

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