Eiffel Fully Funded Scholarships 2023 | Study in France

Eiffel fully funded scholarships are great opportunity for underprivileged students in 2023. The scholarship program will provide $80,000 annually to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate financial need and merit. This marks the first time Eiffel has financially supported students beyond their tuition costs.

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“Our goal is to help create a more equal society by investing in talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Philippe Schmitz, CEO of Eiffel. “We want to encourage these students to pursue their dreams and give them the opportunity to achieve their full potential.”

Eiffel’s scholarship program will be open to applicants nationwide, regardless of race or ethnicity. Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, and community service participation.

Program objectives:

 The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs created the Eiffel scholarship program to help French universities recruit the top international students for their Master’s and Doctoral/Ph.D. degree programs.

It encourages applications from students in emerging nations at the Master’s level and from students in emerging and industrialized countries at the Ph.D. level. It prepares future foreign decision-makers from the corporate and public sectors in key fields of study.

Details of Eiffel Fully Funded Scholarships:

  • The host nation is France.
  • France’s Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs presented the award.
  • Offered Programs: Master and Doctoral Engineering Programs
  • Kind of Scholarship: Fully Funded

 Period of Eiffel Fully Funded Scholarships:

 The Eiffel Scholarship programs start at different times in 2023, depending on the degree being pursued;

  • The Master’s program lasts 12 months.
  • The Master’s program lasts 12 months. M1 Level 36 Months for the Engineering Program, M2 Level 24 Months for the Master’s Program
  • One year for the doctoral program

Financial Benefits of Eiffel scholarships:

 The Eiffel Scholarships 2023 are completely supported, as we have explained, and they pay for many of the expenditures of the chosen students. These advantages consist of the following;

  • Chosen students will get a monthly grant of €1,181 for the Graduate Program.
  • A monthly payment of €1,700 for chosen students’ domestic and international travel costs for the doctoral program.
  • Housing Facility
  • Cultural Activities
  • Air Ticket costs
  • Visa Cost
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Full Tuition Fees
  • Health insurance

Fields and Majors offered for Eiffel Scholarships:

 The Eiffel Scholarships 2023 are available to all overseas students and cover many main fields. These study areas are;

For Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Law and political science
  • History, French language, and civilization
  • Economics and management

 For Science and Technology: 

  • Biology and Health
  • Ecological Transition
  • Mathematics and Digital

Eligibility for Scholarship:

 You must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible to apply for the Eiffel Scholarships 2023;

  • The Eiffel Scholarships 2023 are open to applicants from all across the world.
  • Students who wish to apply for the Graduate program must be younger than 25 years of age.
  • The age requirement for applicants to the postgraduate program is under 30 years of age.

How to apply for the Eiffel scholarship:

  • For guidance and advice on your study plans, contact Campus France in your home country or the Cooperation and Cultural Activities Department of the French Embassy.
  • Contact the foreign relations department of a French institution via its website, phone, or e-mail to find out the steps and dates for applying.
  • Deciding which college or institution best suits your study goals in France would be best.
  • Applications can be submitted from any higher education institution in France.
  • The organization has approved your application for the Eiffel Scholarship.
  • The organization submits your application online through the specific Campus France website.

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Final Thoughts:

 The Eiffel Fully Funded Scholarships program is a great way to encourage students to pursue higher education. The scholarships provide much-needed financial assistance and allow students to study in one of the world’s most renowned universities. If you want to learn more about these scholarships or look for ways to support your children’s education, please visit the Eiffel website.

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