Jacobs University Scholarships 2024 (Application Process)

Jacobs University Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for all international students. Jacobs University is a private research university located in Bremen, Germany. With an international student body, the school offers its students the opportunity to study alongside some of the most talented minds worldwide. Jacobs University also offers a wide range of scholarships for both domestic and international students.

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The university has various scholarship programs available to help cover tuition, travel, and living expenses for eligible applicants. The Jacobs Opportunity Scholarship is one such program that provides need-based aid for undergraduate students who demonstrate academic excellence and talent in their chosen fields of study. Additionally, merit-based scholarships reward students who have achieved outstanding results throughout their academic careers or have made significant contributions to their community or society.

Moreover, Jacobs University also offers scholarships based on financial need and grants for current and prospective exchange students from partner schools in other countries.

Jacobs University Scholarships Overview:

 Graduate scholarships are available from Jacobs University to all candidates for the MSc in Data Engineering and the MSc in Supply Chain Management programs.

At the master’s level, students broaden their academic credentials, specialize in a field of their choice, and expand their expertise. At the same time, master’s students at Jacobs University receive training on how to research and evaluate problems from various angles and without rigid disciplinary boundaries.

Jacobs University provides two English-language master’s degrees in Big Data Engineering and Logistics, both of which have excellent prospects for international career advancement. Data Engineering (MSc) and Supply Chain Management (MSc) degrees.

Benefits of Jacobs University Scholarships:

Jacobs University offers a variety of scholarships to its students to help them cost-effectively pursue their studies. These scholarships are designed to provide financial assistance and access to an excellent education.

The university provides scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students, providing essential support that helps them meet the cost of tuition fees, living costs and other educational expenses. Through these scholarships, Jacobs University fosters an environment where all students have equal opportunities for academic excellence, regardless of their financial circumstances.

The main benefit of Jacobs University Scholarships is that they provide comprehensive assistance for students who cannot afford college tuition fees on their own. By receiving this assistance, students can focus on achieving their academic goals without worrying about the financial burden of attending college. Furthermore, these scholarship programs also offer mentorship and career guidance opportunities from faculty members at Jacobs University.

Jacobs University Scholarship Summary:

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Institution(s): Jacobs University Bremen
  • Study in: Germany

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • MSc in Data Engineering
  • MSc in Data Science for Society & Business
  • MSc in Supply Chain Management
  • Program Period: 2 years

Scholarship Coverage:

Graduate scholarships from Jacobs University give students the advantages listed below:

  • All candidates are considered for merit-based scholarships for up to € 12,000 for the MSc in Data Engineering, MSc in Data Science for Society & Business, and the MSc in Supply Chain Management.
  • Bursaries are among them; these are offered to nationals of five different nations. These merit-based scholarships can pay up to EUR 12,000 per year. Both graduate and undergraduate degree programs are eligible for bursaries. They need to be very academically gifted and driven to change the world.
  • Five full-tuition diversity scholarships are also available from the institution. The best candidates from all five continents can apply for these. Both full-time undergraduate and graduate degree programs are eligible for these awards.
  • There are four residential colleges within the institution. Every college provides a particular field of study. The institutions also include a gym and a lounge for entertainment. They provide a variety of housing alternatives, from affordable to fashionable.
  • Seventy-six professors, associate professors, and senior lecturers are on the university’s academic faculty—one faculty member for every six students.
  • According to the Social Sciences Ranking, the institution is placed ninth in Germany and has a significant international concentration. It provides a variety of career assistance in addition to its research-focused programs. In addition, it offers an on-campus gym, an Interfaith House, and an information resource center.

Eligibility Criteria

 Candidates must meet all of the conditions listed below to be eligible for graduate scholarships from Jacobs University:

  • English is a required language.
  • All nations in the world are eligible.
  • All citizens of the world are eligible.
  • Certificate for a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent (may be handed in later)
  • Your CV lists your educational background, employment history, and volunteer and extracurricular activities.
  • German or English transcript for a bachelor’s degree.
  • IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5, TOEFL with a minimum score of 90 or 110 (Duolingo).
  • Two letters of recommendation.

How to Apply for Jacobs University Scholarships?

 To apply for graduate scholarships at Jacobs University, please follow these instructions:

  • Create an account here to apply.
  • The following files to your application form:
  • Essay (letter of motivation) (letter of motivation).
  • Personal statement (CV).
  • Transcript from the university in German or English
  • German or English-language diploma for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Two recommendation letters.
  • Test of English language competency.

 Final Thoughts:

Jacobs University Scholarships are an excellent opportunity to pursue higher education and gain access to the global network of alumni, faculty, and students. Through these scholarships, domestic and international students receive valuable financial assistance that removes barriers to their educational goals. The range of academic, need-based, and merit-based scholarships available at Jacobs University provides a variety of ways for students to fund their studies.

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